Join our meeting on Monday July 18th 2022 Snowdonia slate

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Join our meeting on Monday July 18th 2022 Snowdonia slate

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Our next meeting is coming up on Monday July 18th, the last before the summer break. Many of you were looking forward to the talk planned for April on the successful bid for Snowdonia's slate landscape to be granted UNESCO World Heritage status. Unfortunately, with Covid cases rising sharply in the local area, including those involved in the meeting, we decided it was only sensible to to postpone.

Stuart Williams, General Manager of the TR and Ian Drummond, TR's Heritage Group Chairman, will help us fit the various pieces of the slate jigsaw together in their presentation -

The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales World Heritage Site / Safle Treftadaeth y Byd Tirwedd Llechi Gogledd Orllewin Cymru

This time we will have the Sara Eade collection of fascimile materials out on display before the meeting and during the break, so as to provide more time and opportunity to select anything that interests you for taking away. The Corbet and Corbett materials will not be immediately available, but will be after November, so we ask you to speak either to myself, Di Drummond or Sue Whitehouse if you would like to reserve any of those item/s.

Although there will be no meetings in August, there will be a second trip this summer, taking place on September 21st, just two days after the September meeting. So after the break I will be giving a short presentation about the three sites in North Pembrokeshire to be visited and arrangements for the trip. By next Monday the first of our summer trips, to Hedd Wyn's house and Trawsfynydd, will have taken place ; Liz Deakin will give a brief report on that.

Best regards,

Quentin Deakin

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